What We Do

We work mainly in the planning and development, tree risk management, and legal sectors of arboriculture, providing services to a wide range of customers from small architectural practices to international utility companies.

Over the years we have found that obtaining balanced, practical, pro-active and realistic advice with regard to tree related matters as early as possible in any given project, regardless of size or stature, results in significant time and cost savings for our customers.

Our priority is to identify any relevant tree related issues relating to our customers’ projects from the outset, and to subsequently provide practical and pragmatic advice aimed at advancing matters accordingly.

It is this customer-focused and personal approach that makes the difference when dealing with Bowland Tree Consultancy.

Some of the areas that we cover in our services include:

Tree Condition & Risk Management

Trees in Relation to Planning, Construction & Development

Tree Pests & Diseases

Tree Preservation Orders

Woodland Management

Trees & Building Subsidence

Our Services Include

  • Planning, construction and development surveys and reports to BS5837:2012
  • Tree risk management surveys, inspections and reports
  • Advice and assessments regarding pests and diseases of trees
  • Tree Preservation Order (TPO) advice and works applications
  • Advice regarding trees in Conservation Areas
  • Woodland management advice, surveys and reports
  • Tree roots and building subsidence advice, surveys and reports
  • Veteran tree management advice, surveys and reports
  • Advice regarding trees and boundary disputes
  • Advice regarding tree related building subsidence